Falling for Fall

I LOVE the fall.  As a recent transplant from a semi-tropical climate, I am extremely excited for the changing of the seasons that happens in Colorado.  August is truly lovely here since the nights get cooler and the days feel a bit shorter.  The sun no longer beats down on us and scorches the grass, so my yard has never looked better. And did I mention, I have an apple tree!  It has grown beautiful apples that taste good right off of the branch.  I do feel lucky to live here! (Please remind me I said that in November when I have to shovel snow and the people in Houston are rolling into their temperate time!)

But I digress!  I was inspired by the changing leaves and decided to make a watercolor smoosh card.  I really enjoy a fun, not too messy, method that has big returns on the wow factor.

So here it is: slide1

Tada!! I have to say, I love this card.  It really is impressive in person, as the leaves shine with clear wink of stella and the colors just work.slide1slide1


I can’t wait to send this one out to a friend. I just know she will love it when she gets it in the mail.

I’m getting ready for my first card class this weekend, so I need to skidaddle, but I’ll bring you the directions tomorrow.

Enjoy and happy stamping!




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